Smart Internet

The best internet that covers all your needs, mobility, speed, reliability and quality. Internet for education, Internet for professionals, Mobile Internet throughout the city, Internet for the most demanding, Internet of quality for you

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Smart Business

We have everything you need for your business to succeed, Internet, Private Networks, Advertising, Hotspot, Hosting, Web pages, Social networks and more.

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Smart IoT

As a result, IoT offerings are transforming cities by improving infrastructure, creating more efficient and cost effective municipal services, enhancing public transportation, reducing traffic congestion, and keeping citizens safe and more engaged in the community.

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Benefits of  WiFi R-US Solution  for Smart Cities

WiFi R-US works with multiple entities engaged with Smart Cities and can help meet your diverse needs:

  • Build a New Smart City Solution with the market leading IoT Platform that will reduce the time, cost, and risk required to create and evolve your innovative new Internet of Things (IoT) applications – and to connect multiple systems in a city.
  • Engage with WiFi R-US Smart City application providers that have already built solutions on the platform which are ready to become part of your smart city initiatives.
  • Leverage the WiFi R-US Marketplace and partner ecosystem to market and sell your IoT smart city solutions and services.
  • Identify a System Integrator/Network Provider Partner from the WiFi R-US Ecosystem to discuss how they can help deliver a secure and scalable WiFi R-US IoT solution to unlock continuous new value for your city.




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